Workshops and Seminars
Sherry is available for seminars on a limited basis.  Contact her for more info. 

Below are her Workshop and
Seminar Schedule for 2014:

DateLocationContact info.


Current Students given priority in all workshops.

1/19/14Chicago    FULL
Tight Turns and Sends

2/2/14  Chicago    FULL
AKC Nationals Prep

3/16/14 Chicago RidgeBlaznK9@aol.comFULL
AKC Nationals Prep

4/27/14 Chicago RidgeBlaznK9@aol.comOpens March 2014
Tight Turns and Sends


5/17-5/18Davenport,  IADawn

6/20-6/22Champaign, ILLisa


8/16-8/18Peoria (POTC)Jennifer Lanhrdt

10/3-10/5Champaign, ILLisa

10/31-11/2   Bloomington, IL   Barb Cunninham barb.cunningham.mpre@

Photo by Tamara Fanter-Fotopup