Sherry Kluever’s love for dogs began when she was a small child. She never had a pet growing up so would borrow her neighbor’s miniature poodle. She would take “Nanette” for walks and teach her tricks. 

Sherry’s training philosophy is based on positive methods.  She does not allow harsh training methods and encourages the use of clickers in her training.  She has experience in training multiple breeds and has students of many different breeds from all the breed groups and many mixed breeds too. She is also very experienced with rescues (has two of her own!), dogs with motivational issues and the “over” motivated dogs. 

Her biggest strength is the ability to PROBLEM SOLVE.  She understands ALL types of dogs and can help build focus and motivation.  She is not just able to help motivated dogs but dogs who need motivation as well.  She evaluates each dog and handler as a team and assists accordingly.  She teaches a mix of obstacle focus (distance) and handler focus.  

Her positive methods of dog training have been proven in her accomplishments. She has a long list of them.

She is the only large dog handler in the Chicago area to be selected to the AKC (FCI) World Team as well as the IFCS World Team.  She competed in France at the FCI World Championships but was unable to attend the IFCS event due to injury.  She is a multiple USDAA and AKC Finalist and won the AKC Nationals International competition  TWO years in a row!  She also won a GOLD Medal at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games two years in a row as well as a Silver Medal.  

In 2002, in their first full year of competition, at 2 yrs of age, her Border Collie, Ransom, qualified for both AKC and USDAA Nationals, making it to the coveted FINAL round of the 22" USDAA World Championships earning a 6th place overall (out of nearly 200 22” dogs). 

Sherry also made it to the Semi-Final round that year with her other two dogs (both rescues), a 26" jumping Mixed Breed (Sidney) and a Jack Russell Terrier (Frisco) her first time ever at the Championships. 

She and Ransom have also competed in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge shown TBS in Oct. 2002

Sherry has also trained, competed and titled in Obedience (where she earned all scores in the mid 190’s with her mixed Breed Sidney in UKC obedience and a 196 in her very first AKC Obedience trial with Ransom). 

She has also competed heavily in Flyball where her mixed breed, Sidney earned her ONYX in 2002. 

More accomplishments below!

2005 AKC Nationals International Tournament GOLD Medalist-Maxi Division TWO YEARS IN A ROW!!!
2005 AKC Nationals IAMS International Standard-Maxi Division-1st Place
2005 AKC Nationals IAMS International Jumper-Maxi Division-3rd Place
2005 AKC Nationals 24" Finalist-9th Place overall
2004 AKC Nationals International Tournament GOLD Medalist-Maxi Division
2004 USDAA Grand Prix World Championships Finalist
2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Superweave GOLD Medalist
2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Agility-7th Place 
IFCS Top 5-Invited to 2004 IFCS World Championships in Spain (declined due to injury)
2003 AKC World Team Member
2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Agility GOLD Medalist
2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Superweave SILVER Medalist
2003 World Team Invitational, 1st Place Std. Maxi Round 4, 2nd Place Std. Maxi Round 1, 8th Place Maxi overall
2003 and 2004 World Team Invitational Qualifier
2003 USDAA DAM World Championships BRONZE Medalist
2003 Grand Prix Finalist
2003 Steeplechase Finalist (5th place overall)
2003 ISC Overall Silver Medalist-AKC Nationals
Earned ADCH in 2003 with 3yr old. BC
Earner MACH in 2003 with 3 yr old BC
Winner, 2003 Grand Prix Quarterfinal 
Winner, 2003 Grand Prix Semifinal Round
Winner, 2003 Steeplechase Semifinal Round
Five time winner, 2003 Regional Steeplechase Finals
15 time USDAA Grand Prix World Championship Qualifier in three different jump heights
Four time USDAA Grand Prix Semi-Finalist in three different jump heights.
2002 Grand Prix World Championship Finalist 22", 6th place overall (with 2 yr old Border Collie)
2002 DAM World Tournament Finalist-6th Place overall
2002 DAM Championships Three Dog Relay - 1st place
12 time USDAA Steeplechase Qualifier in two different jump heights
10 time USDAA DAM tournament qualifier
2002 Regional Steeplechase Finals-3rd Place
2002 Mixed Breed Nationals-2nd Place Overall
Bronze Medal Winner 2002 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Large Dogs-Central Region
2002 AKC ISC Maxi Winner, Cleveland. 1st place Standard, 1st Place Combined.
Three time AKC Nationals Qualifier with 3 year old Border Collie